What’s Inside The Hudson Hotel’s New Rooms?

Guess who got to take a peek at Hudson Hotel’s new rooms? And boy did we photograph the crap out of them.

As many of you already know, Hudson’s recent renovations have been a long, long time coming. In fact, the hotel which is housed inside a former YWCA and contains a staggering 836 rooms hadn’t really been worked on at all since opening in 2000. And yet with room sizes being what they are (small), and room rates being what they are (disproportionately high), it kind of goes without saying that the hotel’s main asset is its Philippe Starck design.

Now, with re-installed Brazilian Cherry wood floors and wall paneling, new lighting, additional storage space under the beds, and Prada-inspired furniture, the space has finally gotten the refresh it deserved. The resulting look? Click through our photo gallery to see for yourself!