Pre-construction Services

  • Expedite the design process by closely working with our Architect, Engineers and Designers.
  • Review and Value Engineer project drawings and all documents.
  • Preparation of bid packages to sub-contractors.
  • Spearhead and conduct on site visits with Subs, trades and designers.
  • Identify and procure long lead items (material and production).
  • Development of Project Schedules, Timelines and cost Projections.
  • Construction Budgets and Cash Flow Projections.
  • Act as purchasing agent/ liaison for all FF&E and material.
  • Establish sub-contractor insurance requirements.
  • Establish and maintain field office(s) as required.
  • Organize and maintain project records for swift and efficient construction.
  • Implement necessary Fire & Life Safety Programs, ensure onsite OSHA compliance.
  • Development and implement Security programs and evacuation procedures.
  • Establish sub-contractor insurance requirements.
Pre-Construction Services